May 9. 2024

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobics

Science Fiction Extracts

The Gigantophobics are afraid of power, even if it is for their own good. And the Megalomaniacs are the alter egos of the author. His addiction to improve the world he lives out (fortunately) only in his phantasy but (unfortunately) he cannot – due to lack of time, talent and training – pour into (recognized) literary forms. Thus, he invented a new genre, the Science Fiction Extract. This forms the core, the essence, the concept of future novels and short stories. To read them is not easy like to digest a can of condensed milk. Nevertheless, whoever likes hardcore science fiction and is not seeking just for shallow entertainment, will like his ideas, thoughts, and logical inferences.

And perhaps one day a real writer could appear who infuses the extracts with water, dialogues, character illustrations and plot details. Alternatively, the author enrolls for Literature after his retirement and becomes a writer himself.

Andy S. Falkner

Andy S. Falkner is of course a pseudonym. So much can be told about the author that he is a mathematician and full time university professor for Computer Science. He has published mainly textbooks and articles in several languages. His Science Fiction Extracts have been published in his mother tongue, in German and in other languages (in his own translation) as printed and as electronic books.

He has been married for over 30 years and they have four adult children. As a former atheist/Marxist he lives today as a confessing believer. His philosophy of life, harmonized with his scientific insights, is reflected repeatedly in his writings.

Released on Amazon (.mobi for Kindle) and/or Bookrix (.epub) in German, partly in English angolul

  1. Virtual Survival angolul
  2. Space Tourism angolul
  3. The Data Miner angolul
  4. The Isothermoid(s) angolul
  5. The Isothermoid (2) angolul
  6. *humane Globalization angolul
  7. The Attractor ✡  angolul
  8. The Fall of Inferium
  9. Moebius Space-Time angolul
  10. Risk Technology angolul
  11. Pax
  12. Information Sustainment Instinct
  13. Brain Power
  14. Number-War angolul
  15. Big Bangs angolul
  16. Brain Ball age rating: 18
  17. Cosmic Encounter
  18. Lord of Two Worlds angolul
  19. Happy Family
  20. Artificial and Natural Intelligence
  21. Science Fiction Virtual angolul
  22. Transcendenceangolul
  23. The King and His Stewardangolul
  24. The Law of Conservation of Reality angolul
  25. Monopole
  26. Darkness and Light (Trinity Trilogy 1) ✡ angolul
  27. Conflict angolul
  28. The Monocule angolul
  29. Slow and Fast angolul
  30. The General Secretary
  31. Artificial Evolution angolul
  32. Expertise 1999
  33. Virtual Realities
  34. (Almost) Almighty Mathematics angolul
  35. Intellinet
  36. Life Phenomena
  37. Extropy
  38. Reconcilable Enemyangolul
  39. The Nanoo angolul
  40. Cosmic Friendship
  41. Inversia angolul
  42. In Front and Back - Trilogy angolul
  43. Chaos, Cosmos and Logos angolul
  44. Even the Sùpies Didn’t Know That
  45. The Monotom
  46. Research angolul
  47. The Death of the Bitcoin
  48. Hearing Protocol
  49. Life Based Civilization
  50. Fiftieth
  51. The BRAIN angolul
  52. The Last Naturo angolul
  53. The Last Artificial Intelligence angolul
  54. Symbiosis angolul
  55. The Traitor angolul
  56. Artificial Consciousness
  57. Breakdown and Comeback angolul
  58. Ring Projects
  59. Skill Training
  60. The Extropier
  61. Remote Paradise
  62. The Cosmophil
  63. Conspirators
  64. The Gömböc angolul
  65. Prospectsangolul
  66. Transhuman
  67. Artificial Intelligences
  68. Endless Voyage angolul
  69. Pandemic angolul
  70. Abscond angolul
  71. Let’s Save the Artificial Intelligences angolul
  72. Homunculus angolul
  73. Information Conglomerate angolul
  74. Gigantophobic and Megalomaniac angolul
  75. AAI—Artificial Artificial Intelligence angolul
  76. In Threesome (Trinity Trilogy 2) ✡ angolul
  77. The Guruangolul
  78. EternI (Etern* Quadrilogy 1) angolul
  79. EternIt (Etern* Quadrilogy 2) ✡ angolul
  80. EternWe (Etern* Quadrilogy 3) angolul
  81. Past, Present, Future (Trinity Trilogy 3) ✡
  82. Rescond
  83. Breakout (Etern* Quadrilogy 4) ✡ angolul
  84.  The Vizslaangolul
  85. Split Intelligenceangolul
  86. Virtual Intelligenceangolul
  87. Megalophobic and Gigantomaniac
  88. QI—Quantum Intelligenceangolul
  89. Artificial Purpose Consciousness
  90. The Advance of the Third Riddle angolul
  91. The Rerise of the Hungarian Meme angolul
  92. Andy S. Falkner & ChatGPT: Artificial Sci-Fi angolul
  93. The Escapeeangolul
  94. Brain Mining
  95. Life Mining
  96. Fake Hypeangolul in preparation
  97. The Machine Man
  98. Planet of Monsters
  99. Angels
  100. Pete S. Falkner: Sir Professor
  101. Alpha, Beta, Meta
  102. Billow Care
  103. Overweight
  104. Music Mind
  105. Counterpoint
  106. Message of the Quants
  107. Other Kinds of Intelligences angolul
  108. AI—Affected Intelligenceangolul
  109. Goo angolul

78, 79, 80, 83 Etern* Quadrilogy
26,76, 81 Trinity Trilogyangolul

Collection 1 ISBN: 9781973201687 · Paperback
The King and His Steward · The Data Miner · The Isothermoid(s) · The Isothermoid (2) · Darkness and Light · The Monocule · Slow and Fast · Artificial Evolution · (Almost) Almighty Mathematics

Collection 2 ISBN: 9798858047681 · Paperback
Reconcilable Enemy · Transcendence · Prospects · Let’s Save the Artificial Intelligences · Gigantophobic and Megalomaniac · QI—Quantum Intelligence

Published in English at Amazon

The Data Miner 3. The Data Miner 4. The Isothermoid(s) 5. The Isothermoid (2) Andy S. Falkner: *humane Globalisierung The Attractor Andy S. Falkner: *humane Globalisierung Moebius Space-Time Risk Technology Number-War Big Bangs Lord of Two Worlds Transcendence Science Fiction Virtual 23. The King and His Steward The Law of Conservation of Reality Darkness and Light Andy S. Falkner: Conflict The Monocule Slow and Fast Artificial Evolution (Almost) Almighty Mathematics Reconcilable Enemy The Nanoo Andy S. Falkner: Inversia In Front and in Back Chaos, Cosmos and Logos Andy S. Falkner: Forschung The BRAIN The Last Naturo The Last Artificial Intelligence Andy S. Falkner: Symbiose The Traitor Breakdown and Comeback The Gömböc Prospects Endless Voyage Pandemic Let's Save the Artificial Intelligences! Andy S. Falkner: Information Conglomerate Andy S. Falkner: Gigantophobic and Megalomaniac Andy S. Falkner: Zu Dritt Andy S. Falkner: Der Guru Andy S. Falkner: EternI Andy S. Falkner: EternIt Andy S. Falkner: EternI Andy S. Falkner: Breakout Past, Present, Future The Vizsla Andy S. Falkner: Intelligenzspaltung Andy S. Falkner: Intelligenzspaltung Andy S. Falkner: Quantum Intelligence Andy S. Falkner: The Advance of the Third Riddle Andy S. Falkner – ChatGPT: Künstliche Scifi Andy S. Falkner: The Escapee Andy S. Falkner: Fake Hype Andy S. Falkner: Other Kinds of Intelligences


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