Andy S. Falkner: The Cosmophil

Science Fiction Monologue

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 62, 2021

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Andy S. Falkner: Der Kosmophile

Most space exploration (Mars landing, exploring black holes, etc.) is expensive, and the cost can only be sold to the general public by looking for life or for the trace (evidence?) of the origin of the Universe. But should we find something, will we recognize it for what it is? Even if something as complex as life (but us) exists in the Cosmos, won’t it be so different from ours that we overlook it? Or even if we find a trace of the beginning of the beginnings, won’t it be so different from our current ideas that we ignore or at least keep silent about them just because we cannot integrate them into our worldview? It may occur and the chances for are perhaps not that small. The same thing can happen to other intelligences. Perhaps it is even better to leave them alone – even if we do not assume hostility on their part, lest they interpret our approach as such.

Keywords: intelligence, space, contact, Sun system, research, entropy, big bang

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

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