Andy S. Falkner: Artificial Evolution

Science Fiction Monologue

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 31, 2013

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Andy S. Falkner: Artificial Evolution Andy S. Falkner: Künstliche Evolution

The creation of an artificial intelligence meeting the Turing test is a technical-scientific challenge of the future. If this succeeds, it will revolutionize the entire human culture and also develop itself further; itslimit is only the available computing capacity. It will stimulate the technical development so that it could postpone this limit virtually to infinity. Whether on this way a qualitative leap takes place which can be interpreted as some „becoming conscious“, or is it all just a simulation in an ever growing hyper computer inside of an asteroid? According to its (his?) own opinion, if at all, only after a centuries long development. Researches on chronions (time particles) allow passing the time on the asteroid (much) faster. However, something unexpected happens, and a more interesting question arises.

Keywords: algorithms, artificial intelligence, asteroid, time particle, consciousness, information, physicist

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

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