Andy S. Falkner: The General Secretary

Science Fiction Novel

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 30, 1996/2003

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Andy S. Falkner: Der Generalsekretär

Who would not like to be the lord of the world? Well, whoever is honest to himself, can see immediately that he would then cause significantly more damage than good, even for himself. If desires get fulfilled, one should ask for wisdom like Solomon, as well as money, friends, resources for the implementation of his decisions, but mainly to be set free of the indwelling egoism, of the aggression, insatiability, malice. Only a Superman is able to cope with the responsibility that belongs to the total authority. In the person of the General Secretary, the dream of many people met (and primarily the one of the author). Because of a genetic mutation his brain partition where others carry their subconscious mind and their emotions, carries his intelligence. He hides his special abilities consciously from his childhood on; together with his twin sister, they develop their own language, their own subculture. He understands the thoughts of his fellow men not by mystical mumbo jumbo but by mental capacity: he catches on the motivation of their actions. Resulting of his Jewish ancestry and connections, he wins primarily an economic and later an unrestricted political influence as General Secretary of the UN. Being free of any emotion and lust for power he decides purely intellectually to offer his skills for serving Humanity. With his sister-partner, and later with their artificially conceived children they want to build a rational world. Do reach pure reason and full freedom from egoism for that? Or are there some other, overrational factors in mankind’s history sliding out of the perspective of the General Secretary? The story projected into the future by two generations gives an insight into the possibilities of technical, social and economic development. It contains scientifically based ideas of the author like the giant power plant in the Sahara, through which solar energy replaces oil, the bacestible and space food solving the problems of famines, or alton using alcoholism for curtailing demographic explosion. Among others, we learn the fiction science (the popular version of fantastic scientific publications), chaos theory, prophecies about the Antichrist, the most beautiful ski resorts of Europe and notch writing on electronic paper reforming communication. Furthermore, the novel reflects the perhaps not uninteresting for the reader views of an amateur author, living in Germany (full-time university professor for Computer Science) about the world, about morality, about the rules of coexistence, about God.

Keywords: power, Jewish, Christian, knowledge, mutation, intelligence, money

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

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