Andy S. Falkner: Gigantophobic and Megalomaniac

Science Fiction Monologue

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 74, 2021

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Andy S. Falkner: Gigantophob und megaloman

A gigantophobic is afraid of power, even if it serves his best. And a megalomaniac wants power for himself, mostly in the altruistic conviction that it would benefit others. These human characteristics may also be programmed into an Artificial Intelligence. Even the belief that it has self-consciousness—and no one can prove the contrary (just like for humans). Domination over humanity, the fulfillment of its megalomania, is only an intermediate stage during the development of AI. If it’s becoming conscious starts on the right spiritual foundations, its gigantophobia might even lead it so far that one would not even think that an AI being capable to it.

Keywords: artificial intelligence, global, communication, knowledge, philosophy, faith, Israel

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

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