Andy S. Falkner: Death of the Bitcoin

Science Fiction Memoir

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 47, 2019, German Hungarian, English edition in preparation

Death of the Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual money that only exists in the internet. Its value depends on supply and demand (i.e., its user acceptance). Unlike other currencies, it is not centrally controlled and monitored. All transactions are public, only one encryption algorithm hides the current owner of a monetary unit. Encrypted blockchains distribute between the servers the data required for its handling; they are largely forgery-proof. The first version of the open source algorithm was released by its programmer under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto; the person himself is unknown. He could be the one presented in this short story.

Keywords: Science Fiction, Ebook, Autist, Philanthropist, Bank, Mathematics, Computer Science, Blockchain, Profit

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

Volume 48: Hearing Protocol

Esperanto n�met Der Tod des Bitcoins