Andy S. Falkner: Cosmic Encounter

Double Science Fiction Story

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 17, 2011

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Andy S. Falkner: Kosmische Begegnung

»Encounters of the Third Kind« means abduction by a UFO. If it is executed by a bombshell, it is voluntary. Especially if the woman recently has been a homeless alcoholic, whose mind and body have been renewed on the UFO–under the condition that she cooperates. Also the kidnapped university professor is supposed to cooperate, and then he gets a new mission for life: winning the influential and the powerful of Earth to cooperate. But with whom? And who gives the task? We are obviously not alone in the Universe, even if one notices it at the end only.

Keywords: UFO, space station, extraterrestrial intelligence, world domination, dark energy, complexity, power

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

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