Andy S. Falkner: Reconcilable Enemy

Science Fiction Monologue

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs, Volume 38, 2016, German Hungarian, English edition in preparation

Reconcilable Enemy

Life and intelligence can exist in the Universe in various forms. But how do they arise? Are they the product of random-based evolution, or perhaps the laws of matter, make them everywhere indispensable where circumstances are appropriate? Perhaps they are the result of a creative act from an intentional free will? Or an accident, a failed experiment? Did the Gù, wandering in the Galaxy, chasing his enemy and destroying celestial bodies, put on the wrong horse? He is a form of intelligence that few science fiction writers ever excogitated.

Keywords: Science Fiction, Ebook, intelligence, evolution, space, autocrat, hydrocarbon, technology, Creator

Megalomaniacs and Gigantophobs

Volume 39: The Nanoo

Esperanto German Versöhnbarer Feind