Anfang: 13. November 2008

April 7th, 2011

Hello, wonderful world,

still, here I am. Still, I’m healed. At the moment especially not so much: I have to stay here in the hospital one more night and try to utilize the dead time with continuing my blog. Being so far is only possible because even after two years there is no sign of cancer – says the MRI. Therefore my nose could be repaired; it was blocked through the therapy and I couldn’t breathe properly. Now it got worse, but that only for 10 days until the metal plates will be removed, they are supposed to prevent a new coadunation. I would prefer to sleep at home tonight but I can understand, the risk of bleeding should not be neglected. During the surgery yesterday the specialist looked inside my head but couldn’t see anything suspicious. All good news, even if at the moment I feel more like two years ago, after the therapy – Oh, that was bad... But – and I repeat it again and again – God turned the evil to good, and what came out is more valuable than what it costed. Since then, I enjoy this wonderful world more than ever before. Since then I can seek in everything (even what looks bad at first glance), what God thinks about this and how it serves to our best (according to Romans 8:28). The word “seek” out of Matthew 6:33 has moved me in the last few months, since Ingrid and I prepared for the New Year’s Conference of Campus Crusade for Christ as main speakers. We could present the old Crusade concepts (“Being filled with the Holy Spirit”, “Jesus in the Center”, “Living close with God”, etc.) in new light and make them practical through our personal testimonies. The nice thing is that we now also experience them more consciously and can help to others in seeing their own situation with God’s eyes. If we are willing to renew our attitude (according to Romans 12:2) even through unpleasant experiences (such as my full stuffy nose now, or that I have to spend my next night with a snore in the room) then we will think more and more like God, we will understand Him more and more, and what a wonderful life He has provided for us.

And I can fully testify it. Especially through our family. Philip graduates from high school next year, he is our last child at home. But the others come home also regularly: Esther will  finish her medical school soon, Judith will also have her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. The question and prayer request for them, what next. Esther will make her residency probably in pediatrics; Judith plans to stay in Freiburg for a master program in Educational Psychology – both of them seem to have a heart for children. To look at Thomas and Lina is a pure joy – which pair is not, in their first marriage year? His major is biotechnology, hers is chemistry and biology for teachers (one more child fan in the family), both in the fourth semester. All four have a grant from a foundation, so we are financially relaxed. This is not bad, because I am now in part-time retirement, which couples less workload with a lower income. This is just right for me: even if my job is still fun, I’m not nearly as robust as in the past. I perform online courses now and look after my students all over Germany from home via Internet. This means regular video lectures and occasional seminars, where everybody has to come to Berlin for a Saturday. I must also learn again and again something new because the development in Computer Science did not stop.

In the winter semester break Ingrid and I spent a week in Madrid; last year it was Barcelona, before that Lisbon. The sightseeing on the Iberian Peninsula is always a recreation for us in the long Berlin winter; there everything is blooming and one walks around without a jacket. Unfortunately only a week, because she wouldn’t like to leave her patients alone longer. It is also a miracle how well she came back into her profession after the long child caring years, and how much she enjoys it. But the best is that again and again there are patients willing to hear about God and expect their healing from Him. A number of them has come to faith through her and some are now involved in churches. It is important also for me that my students know about my relationship with God and I can have good talks with the interested ones.

So much good for today. Lovely greetings

Andrew Solymosi

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