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Christmas Greetings 2009

Dear friends,

after I have received several anxious inquiries, why there is no message from me since July, I would like to report at the end of year: I am doing very well. After the last MRI in September, I am cancer free, and with regard to the next one on December 22th – according to how I feel – I expect nothing else. „What is impossible with men is possible with God“ – is the year’s motto in 2009, and in my case it has come true. When I think back how I felt last Christmas (and especially a month later at the end of the therapy), I am full of gratitude. I may have even minor restrictions (such as dry mouth, little sense of taste, nasal voice), but I have already begun to prepare for my upcoming semester: In March, I would like to start work again. I am not going to teach regular classes, but I’ll supervise an online degree course, under the assumption, my appeal against the notification for retirement will be successful. This will be decided by the medical officer in the new year whom I then have to convince of my workableness. Normally you do it vice versa. For me, it is also a useful therapeutic approach towards the goal, re-enter into professional life: I have already begun to miss the university. I enjoyed the few interviews in recent weeks and the meetings with colleagues and students. This is why I do my regular exercise (one hour daily Nordic Walking with the dog) and my strength is already mostly back. Only my stress sensitivity persists: I notice how an intensive conversation or meeting exhausts me pretty much. Fortunately, I can slowly start with the summer term: I will not yet have the full workload. 

Also our family is doing very well. In August (after Esther's return from Toronto), we had five days, where everyone was at home. Our youngest son enjoys being in Florida (in his 11th grade) so much that if he could he would not come back. The three big ones (the students) come home for Christmas, we all look forward to the fellowship. For Christmas Eve, we have invited an Iranian medical student girl – it will be new experience to celebrate Christmas with a Muslim. 

This is what I wish you all for Christmas: To experience God's love, that made Him become human, anew.