First entry

May 8th, 2009

Dear friends,

the good news came today unexpected: I couldn't get an appointment in the hospital for an "official" evaluation of the the MRIs recently made. But we visited today the leader of the radiation therapy. He looked at the pictures shortly and was very pleased. He thinks the therapy worked optimal. Though there is an area of one square inch that could be a tumor, but it also could be only its remnants which are expected to be dissolved within the next months. More exactly we can learn about from the next MRI in a half a year. We are very thankful and moved by the grace of God. Obviously are the prayers of the many not in vain.

Of course I feel relieved but also very exhausted. The tension of the last time was great. I hope the new situation helps me to overcome the effects of the therapy. There is a lot to do: I should reach my old weight (to gain 10 pounds) but eating is still hard work, my degustation is almost destroyed. I go daily for a walk with our dog for half an hour, my fortitudes come back slowly. The greatest problem is still my nose, being clogged again and again, I can hardly breathe. This bothers also my sleeping. But I don't need pills anymore von I am thankful for that.

Altogether I feel being carried by God von it is worth to put his trust in Him.

Greetings and blessings