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April 22nd, 2009

Dear friends,

today I expected to learn about the final diagnosis after the therapy. Unfortunately it turned out that the MRI made last week is incomplete, no evaluation can be done. This might mean bad news (the doctor might see some traces of a tumor and wants to be sure) but not necessarily. Now I wait for the next MRI date – hopefully soon.

In the last weeks I have experienced remarkable developments concerning my reconvalence. I feed myself more and more naturally, there are more and more foods I can eat. Unfortunately my degustation is not yet recovered, so that eating is more hard work than pleasure.

It looks good with my movement. I go daily for a 30 to 60-minutes walk with our dog; recently with Nordic Walking sticks. With some benevolence I can call this sport. I feel how my legs and arms become stronger. During the therapy I lost a lot of muscle mass, now it comes back slowly.

The only organ working not satisfactory is my nose. It gets regularly blocked, especially in the night. Then I can’t breath freely, I wake up. Probably there will be a surgery necessary to expand the channels, as I am free of cancer. This became now a more future issue.

The good thing is that I experience God’s closeness in all these good and bad developments. If I can take it out of His hand, I am thankful for the good and I trust Him in the bad. He knows the best, how it shall go on.

Lovely Greetings