First entry

Update March 2009

Dear friends,

after having been home from the hospital for a week, I finally have the capacity to summarize the events of the last months.

I spent 2 months in the clinics for radiation therapy. It was a hard time, but now I am back and itís getting better day by day a little bit. I lost a lot of weight, cannot swallow and barely speak; so I have to be nurtured artificially. It means to hang every day 6-8 hours on a pump, bringing food directly into my stomach. Also every pound of water has to be pumped in, too.

My whole throat area is inflamed, it hurts and is wounded. It will take several weeks until it has restored itself from the treatment.

Next week I leave for a another clinic (200 miles away) where theyíll help me in that. Iím supposed to learn to eat and also to speak anew. They are specialized to throat area cancer after-treatment, so all patients will have similar problems. Iím a little bit afraid of a new environment again, but I know, God will be with me also there. And all that is needed if I want to be restored as I know He wants me.

On the other side I donít have any warranty for healing. Medically I have a chance of 80% to be cancer free now. If so, Iíll learn somewhere end of March where an MRI can be made. Please pray for that Ė I believe in healing firmly but my faith leaks sometimes.

I still have another prayer request. We couldnít find a host family for our son Philip (16) who would like to spend next school year as an exchange student in the US. Ideal would be a family with boys in same age, that they would be able to go to school together. If you have an idea, how to help, please write Ingrid about: