Nem ér a nevem (1961, H)


Regie: Keleti Márton
Stars: Tolnay Klári, Páger Antal, Psota Irén, Latabár Kálmán, Kiss Manyi, Kibédi Ervin

Nem ér a nevem

Summer, Balaton, espresso, Skoda Felicia convertible (as the dream car of the sixties for Hungarians); Koós János and Toldy Mária singing top hits of those times (sound funny, even ideological for today's ears). Young girl (Vass Éva in bikini) and loving wife in her forties (Tolnay Klári) run for his attention (the one in the convertible). Happy end, of course. The complete Hungarian actor palette (every one knew them, every one trusted them) from serious (party secretary) till comical (Latabár Kálmán) try to convict the viewer (underconsciously): our society is the greatest, people here are the happiest, Marx and Lenin will overcome the whole world. Just the beginning of "gulash communism".

My rating on the scale between 1 und 9 (just because of my personal background, including pop music of my childhood):