March 2017

Transferable Concepts

I’ve always been dr. Bill Bright’s fan, of the founder and long time president of Campus Crusade for Christ (today: Cru). I knew him personally and read many of his writings. Through his student movement he has strongly influenced my understanding of God.

As a young Christian, I worked through his booklets „10 Basic Steps toward Spiritual Maturity.“ This laid a foundation for my handling with the Bible. I also used his „Transferable Concepts“ again and again in my ministry: I passed them on to my mentees, used them as a basis for my teachings and sermons, etc.

The structure and logic of this booklet is fully in line with my mathematical and engineering mindset, as well as of the most students I worked with. To this day, I know of no other book that would summarize the essence of (my understanding of) the Christian faith so compactly and simply.

Their form is certainly outdated in the age of flashing online courses, but in terms of their content, I can strongly advise anyone who wants to get to know the Bible as eagerly as I did 40 years ago. Therefore, I recommend not only to look in and read something here and there, but to systematically work through it – especially for young Christians who want to grow spiritually.

10 Basic Steps toward Spiritual Maturity

Introduction: The Uniqueness of Jesus
1. The Christian Adventure
2. The Christian and the Abundant Life
3. The Christian and the Holy Spirit
4. The Christian and Prayer
5. The Christian and the Bible
6. The Christian and Obedience
7. The Christian and Witnessing
8. The Christian and Giving
9. Exploring the Old Testament
10. Exploring the New Testament

Transferable Concepts

1. How You Can Be Sure You Are a Christian
2. How You Can Experience God's Love and Forgiveness
3. How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
4. How You Can Walk In The Spirit
5. How You Can Be A Fruitful Witness
6. How You Can Introduce Others to Christ
7. How You Can Help Fulfill the Great Commission
8. How You Can Love By Faith
9. How You Can Pray With Confidence

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